“Dude! You know why today is a good day? Hey! You know why???… Because we’re fucking alive, eh! We’re alive! We’re fucking survivors!”

Pre-production on a documentary about the legendary George Dobis.

George was a guru, an elder, the man that had the answers. Somehow, He became one of the most important people in snowboarding, but he never snowboarded. He was one of the finest storytellers that I have ever encountered. His stories were funny, outrageous, and usually had a point. He had them about everyone.

We are hoping to collect stories: either a story about the man, a story about you and George, or a retelling of his stories. I want to weave in photos, interviews, video, audio and a recreation of the great times around Banked Slalom that everyone shared with George in his garage.

Do you have a story to share, photos or video? Please contact us todayisagooddayfilm@gmail.com, via facebook, or our website.

We will be filming at the Legendary Banked Slalom in Glacier WA Feb 6-13, 2013.

Like us or follow our Blog at www.todayisagoodday.org to find out about our Kickstarter.

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